BEAUTY | Too Faced 'Sweet Peach' Palette Sneak Peak!

27 December 2015

Today I found out about something that will finally convince me to purchase my first Too Faced palette - the first sneak peek of the Sweet Peach palette from the brand's upcoming Summer 2016 (aka.Aussie Winter 2016) collection!

As the name so clearly suggests, this palette is all about the peachy hues, full of beautiful warm toned shadows that are perfect for any Summer/Fall look (or just year-round really, depending on how much you like peachy colours)! Now for me, this is the perfect palette - I love love LOVE peach tones and I've yet to find a palette that actually embraces and provides such a gorgeous range of peachiness, well until now that is!

Picture Credit: @trendmood1 on Instagram

Now, I totally appreciate the quality, pigmentation, variety etc etc of the current Too Faced palettes, not just the Chocolate Bar palettes but the natural eyes, budoir, cat eyes - all of them are lovely, great quality palettes. But I'm not a fan of 'too crazy' colours (if you haven't already noticed, I'm a neutrals kinda gal), and both of the Chocolate Bar palettes really don't offer the hugest range of new shades after my original Naked 1 palette so despite loving the palettes, with my student & casual employee budget I really cannot justify such similar palettes (at least not at $70-$81 each).

So this gorgeous palette has me SUPER excited, because I've always wanted to own some of the amazing Too Faced eyeshadows, and this here is not only a palette I can totally and completely justify, but one I could honestly see becoming my favourite! I'm especially lusting over 'Just Peachy', 'Candied Peach', and 'Bell-something (I can't make it out)'!

Oh, and did I mention that it's supposedly going to be infused with real peach essence and smells like peahces!?! YES PLEASE!

Picture Credit: @trendmood1 on Instagram

And here's a photo that shows the packaging - seriously, how cute is it? I love the ombre look going on, gorgeous peachy colours, and as with the previous palettes the palette is in a sturdy, slim tin palette. 

I seriously cannot wait for this palette to be released, and hopefully it won't take too long for it to be released here in little ole' Australia after the US. Who knows, it may even be released in time for my 20th Birthday at the end of July?! ;)

What do you think of this new palette, are you as excited as I am? Will you be picking this one up? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. This looks like lovely make up

    xoxo, ♥

  2. This palette looks so amazing! You can get the neutral colours which would be so absolutely fabulous, but you get the added bonus of having a few bright but still beautiful colours to use for events or just for fun. I hope you can get your hands on this palette when it comes out!

    Gina x |

  3. Great color palette... Have a fantastic new year celebration...


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