When You Don't Belong

17 May 2018

There are few places I've ever felt like I belonged. When I was much younger - we're talking single digits here - I felt like I belonged in the little bayside peninsula I'd spent most of my life in. Other than a couple of stints on and around the Sunshine Coast, it was the only place I'd ever known and so of course I felt like I belonged there. All my memories were there, my school was there, my one and only best friend was there. Then - just before high school - circumstances changed. I moved about 40 minutes away, although I still ended up going to school in the area - a snooty private school which I still have very mixed feelings about, but that's a whole other story - and I got older.

After moving, things were crazy to say the least, but I still always longed for the place I called home. I don't exactly know why I wanted to go back so much. High school was a nightmare for me. I had only a handful of 'friends' who were more so just the only people that would let me sit with them at lunch or in class, they ganged up on me and excluded me, and they were the school's 'misfits' which attracted even more bullying for me to endure. Towards the end of my time at that school I'd ended up sitting alone in the library or out by the car park to escape it all, and while changing schools for my senior year did provide a temporary sense of near-normalcy, I think the damage had already been done. I didn't belong anymore - heck, had I ever, really? 

The thing is, regardless of what some people may try to tell you, Brisbane truly is a 'big small town'. Seriously, everyone knows everyone in some way or another, and most people have their friends and family from their childhood with them throughout their whole lives. People settle and that's that. And if you haven't got that kind of lifestyle then you're really not gonna fit in. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category. Even now, I've got practically no social life and nothing to do or look forward to - and that isn't for a lack of trying. I've simply failed so many times I cannot put myself through it anymore.
When I was 14 I went overseas for the first time to New Zealand. We were visiting family, and it was probably the first time I felt comfortable somewhere. I didn't feel like I wasn't welcome, which was a nice change. It felt like a place where maybe one day I could belong. I remember asking mum if we could pack up and move over there - it wasn't exactly a new idea, mum had intended to move back straight after giving birth to me. Obviously, that never happened. Realistically, I'm sure I always would've wanted to move somewhere bigger and less isolated as I do now, but to this day, I believe things would've worked out for the better if we'd gone.

One thing (of many) that travel has taught me is that it's possible to actually be happy in a place. Like, that's a real thing, and it's amazing. But it can also be incredibly hard, especially if you find that sense of belonging in a completely different part of the world. Personally, I often feel more at home abroad than I do at the actual place where I was born and raised. Not everywhere of course, but when I was in New Zealand, LA, the UK and even in Paris, well in those places things somehow just seemed right. Like I was able to fit in. I've never had that feeling here.

While it's my ultimate goal to one day have a life outside of Brisbane and Australia in general (London, LA & SF seem like good fits), I know that there's no guarantee that'll happen. I've considered places like Sydney (probably the only city I kinda like in the whole of Australia, but the $$$ factor is something of a concern), I've even accepted that I might just end up in a little unit by myself somewhere in Brisbane and maybe that's just how my life is meant to play out. Despite my love of travel and exploring new cities and places, I am a homebody at heart and I suppose having more time to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea, kitty cuddles, and decorate my home exactly how I like isn't the worst thing ever. Maybe I won't ever really belong, but I can find some sense of belonging within my own space. Sure, it's not ideal - but it's something.

Honestly, if you've made it to the end of this absolute pity-fest - congratulations, you've got real determination there haven't you! Really though, I realise this is probably quite TMI and pointless and a little bit all over the place, but that's pretty much where my head is at right now. I guess this is just something I've needed get out for some time now and while it may feel like I'm all alone with this, I'm certain there's people out there who can relate. If even one person reads this and can feel a bit better about themselves or the situation they are in and know that you're not alone, then this rambling mess has been a success. There's a place for everybody - that is something I truly believe. Some people just have a harder time finding it than others.

x Chontelle

90's Vibes

11 March 2018

It's been a long time since I last posted an outfit on the blog, hasn't it? I've really been all over the place lately (which you may know if you've seen my Life Update video over on my YouTube channel *hint hint*). From a huge pipe burst/flooding in my old place, moving house, packing & unpacking, going back to uni, a lack of motivation, and some personal stuff too - it's been overwhelming to say the least.

However, there's good news! Things have settled down and while I've got quite a busy schedule ahead of me, it's more organised than 'all over the place', which means I can set aside time to work on these side projects. Those of you who have been around for a while might have noticed my blog has had a bit of an overhaul - I purchased a new, more sleek & professional looking blog template that I'm absolutely loving, along with a few other updates. I hit 1,000 subscribers over on my YouTube channel back in December as well which was a milestone I'd been hoping to reach for a while! I'm planning to upload 1-2 times a week over there and 1-2 time a fortnight here on the blog - so make sure you're subscribed and following me because there's a lot of content coming your way!

Anyway, on to the outfit!

Outfit Details:
Scrunchie - Supre
Choker - Bardot
Off Shoulder Crop - Melrose Avenue
Mom Jeans - ASOS (farleigh)
Boots - Famous Footwear

Let's be honest, was I really going to make a comeback outfit post that wasn't black and denim? No, no I was not. I love this outfit, it's super cute yet simple and casual which is what I'm all about. I really love that trends from the 90's (and 80's and 70's) are in again which is evident in this outfit. An off the shoulder crop, a tie up choker, scrunchies (!!! my childhood obsession !!!) and a pair of light wash mom jeans from ASOS (seriously, these are the best mom jeans I've found), albeit a slim fitting pair because I just find them much more flattering. Keeping with the 90's vibes I've gone for one of my newer favourite lipsticks, MAC's Whirl, which is the ultimate 90's rosy brown lipstick that despite my initial reservations, actually looks amazing on paler skin.

Let me know what you've been up to lately, and if you're loving the popularity of 90's inspired fashion right now as much as I am!

x Chontelle

My Go-To Lipsticks This Summer

25 February 2018

You can count on me to wear lipstick pretty much everyday - or at least every time that I wear makeup. I only really started wearing it back in late 2015, but since then it's been one of my favourite parts of my makeup routine. I love how it can pull together and complete or change a look so easily, and there are always so many fab colours to choose from (too many, really, but I'm not complaining). 

While I wear all of my lipsticks regardless of the time of year, there are definitely a few that are getting some special attention this summer, which I've rounded up and listed below!

L-R: KVD Cathedral, MAC Amorous, MAC Faux, Stila Patina.
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in 'Cathedral'
This is my absolute favourite lipstick at the moment, and it's the perfect shade to wear with any neutral or warm toned summer look. Cathedral is described as a 'matte coco rose', which is pretty much accurate although I've found that on me at least it has a bit more of a reddish undertone also which I absolutely love. It looks great paired with bronze or warm brown eyeshadows in particular, which has become my signature look this summer - I'm obsessed. I'm pretty sure this shade is universally flattering, so you can't go wrong!

MAC Satin Lipstick in 'Amorous'
Another MAC lipstick I've been loving for summer, Amorous is a gorgeous shade described as a 'lovestruck cranberry', though I see it as more of a berry toned deeper pink. I find this colour super flattering on my pale cool toned skin, and if you have brown eyes then I definitely think it really makes them pop!

MAC Satin Lipstick in 'Faux'
Faux will always hold a special place in my makeup collection as my first ever high end lipstick. It's the perfect 'my lips but butter' shade for me, a soft pink neutral lipstick that can be worn with any look. The satin formula is super comfortable especially in this Queensland summer heat, and while it reapplies nicely, because it's a 'MLBB' shade you don't need to worry about constant reapplication - low maintenance, perfect!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 'Patina'
This was the first liquid lipstick I ever bought and actually liked. I can be pretty picky with liquid lips because I find a lot of them bleed, crack, go patchy, and just feel awful on the lips, but Patina is none of those things. It's a lovely dusty rose pink that is so flattering on my pale cool-neutral skin - deep enough to remain in my comfort zone but still bright enough to 'pop', and it just screams 'Spring/Summer' to me. If you're looking for liquid lipstick in an understated shade that's comfortable and cute, then this is the one for you!

What are your favourite lipsticks to wear over summer? Let me know in the comments below!

x Chontelle

Optically Prescription Lens Sunglasses | Review

23 May 2017

Hey guys! Today I've got a special product that I want to talk to you guys about, and as you'll have already figured out from the title, it's these prescription lens sunglasses* from Optically Glasses Australia! I'll be honest, maybe I've been living under a rock, but until I checked out Optically, I had no idea that you could get prescription sunglasses! I was definitely glad to discover you could though, and for such a great price as well - the pair I selected retails for just $47! Of course, the glasses can be purchased as is, but for the glasses-wearers of the world like myself, the prescription lens option is a lifesaver!

The pair I went with were the Opium OP1409 C02 Glasses*, which have both a black frame and blackened lenses - perfect for my monochromatic aesthetic! On picking these up out of their case for the first time, it's obvious that they are really nice quality. These glasses are also so comfortable to wear - I love that they don't give me a headache from long-wear either, unlike many others - and they frame my face perfectly - I almost went with one of the more 'on-trend' rounder shaped pairs of sunglasses, but since my face is quite oblong-oval shaped I find sharper shapes and smaller frames flatter me best (but if you prefer the round glasses you'll be spoiled for choice with Optically, they have an awesome selection of womens glasses to choose from).

For those of you with a bit more money to spend or a taste for 'luxury', you can also pick up some lovely designer glasses from Optically. There's a wide selection of glasses in different styles, colours, and price ranges making it easy to find your perfect pair!

If you don't need prescription lenses then you can go ahead and purchase your glasses and they'll reach you pretty quickly, but of course if you need prescription lenses like me then there will be a short wait between ordering and having the glasses ready and sent out to you. In saying that, I received mine in just 10 days - by comparison, when I usually get new glasses after a visit to the optometrist, I'm looking at 2-3 weeks, so this was a happy surprise!

Honestly guys, if you're looking for some new sunglassess or eyeglasses, I'd highly recommend checking Optically out for some of the best value glasses online!

x Chontelle

The Blush Edit

7 May 2017

Let's be real - who doesn't love a good blusher? Even if you don't wear blush on the daily, I'm sure you can appreciate the beauty of a good blush, and if you do wear it on the daily like myself, well, you'll probably like this post!

I'll start by pointing out that I have quite a small blush collection - though it's also my largest collection of face products! While there's a heck of a lot more that I'd like to try out, for now, I'm truly happy with my little collection - I love and use all of them - and thought it was a good time to put together this 'blush edit' to share my blush collection and why I love them with you.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, read on!

NARS x Sarah Moon 'Isadora'
NARS blushes hold cult status in the beauty community as some of the most gorgeous, highly pigmented, buttery and cheekily-named blushes on the market. While I've never tried the fan favourite Orgasm (yet, anyway), I definitely wanted to see what all the hype was about, so when this gorgeous shimmery mauve-toned blush was released as part of the NARS x Sarah Moon 2016 holiday collection, I snapped it up. Isadora is totally different to all of the other pinky-nude blushes in my collection, which I love. The product itself definitely lives up to the hype, being as buttery and highly-pigmented as reported - seriously, I looked like a clown the first time I used it (even after tapping off excess)! It only needs the lightest tap and you're good to go! This colour really compliments cool skin tones and as the weather cools down I've found myself using it more and more often! A good NARS alternative from the permanent collection could be Sin - more of a berry colour but just as deep and cool-tone oriented.

Tarte 'Exposed'
I adore this blush. As usual for an everyday blush with me, it's a pinky-nude. I have a type, what can I say? What I really love about this blush is that it's practically fool-proof. Because of the texture of the product (Amazonian Clay) it's quite hard, which means unlike a more buttery powder, you're not going to have to worry about going 'too hard' and picking up too much product. It's easy to build up to the intensity you like, and the product lasts forever!

Rimmel '004 Pink Rose'
I'm 99% certain this was actually my very first blush, and it brings back a whole lotta memories thinking about it. I wore this throughout most, if not all of my high school days! It's the perfect pinky-nude blush, which was great for wearing to school as it helped me achieve that 'no makeup' makeup look. This blush is also super affordable at about $12 full price (however I always wait for sales when buying drugstore products), making it easily accessible for beginners, people on a budget, or anyone who simply likes to have nice and affordable products in their collection.

Nude By Nature 'Virgin Blush'
Another one of my earlier discoveries, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this blush. The shade is gorgeous - a perfect nude for fair skin like mine, and it's highly pigmented and long lasting. However, it's a loose powder, and because of that I rarely use it. I find it's just way too messy and it's hard not to apply too much product. If you're a fan of loose powders you'll love this one, but even if you're not, it's still a lovely perfect nude to have handy in your collection.

Sleek 'Rose Gold'
This blush is said to be the perfect drugstore dupe for the cult favourite NARS Orgasm blush, and at least in the pan they do look pretty much identical. However, I've yet to try Orgasm myself so I can't say anything with certainty. What I do know for sure is that this is such a lovely, shimmery, peachy-pink blush and gives a lovely, healthy flush of colour to my otherwise lifeless complexion. At only $12 (on sale, that is), it's totally worth it!

Tarte 'Exposed', NARS 'Isadora', Nude by Nature 'Virgin', Sleek 'Rose Gold', Rimmel '004 Pink Rose'.
So there we have it - my Blush Edit! I hope you found this post interesting and useful - let me know if you have any of these blushes and what you think of them, or if you have any recommendations of blushes I should check out then I'd love to hear those too!

x Chontelle
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