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7 March 2016

My very first MAC lipstick - you have no idea how excited I was to finally pick this gorgeous lippy up! I'd been contemplating doing so for some time, always backing out because $36 seemed a lot of money for a lipstick. But now that I've hopped on the long-running MAC lipstick bandwagon, well, I've been converted!

This is honestly the most gorgeous colour, a beautiful, slightly muted mauvy semi-nude pink. I think a major drawcard for MAC lipsticks is that the colours are so unique, and as close as other brands may come to creating similar colours, MAC seems to get it just right.

Faux is a Satin finish, which means it has a smooth and moisturising finish that isn't as drying as a matte lipstick, but also isn't as glossy as a cremesheen. I'll have to try the other finishes first of course, but I already feel like I'm a Satin kinda girl!

The lipstick is long-wearing and only really needs a light touch-up after eating, which is great because it means you're not wasting heaps of product, making it last longer.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this lipstick and I'm super excited to continue to grow my collection in the near future (Velvet Teddy, Blankety and Diva, I'm looking at you)!

What MAC lipsticks do you guys own and love? Leave me a comment letting me know down below!

Chontelle xx


  1. Beautiful! This shade kinda reminds me of 'Brave' which is my holy grail lipstick. Satin finishes are my favourite cause they're so comfy to wear yet longlasting. Lovely review :) Holly x |

    1. Yes! I think they're super similar - I was tossing up between the two right up until I purchased Faux, I think Faux has a slightly more blue/grey undertone to it than Brave and because I'm relatively pale with a cool undertone, Faux just seemed like the perfect pinky/mauvey/nude colour for everyday wear! But Brave is gorgeous too!
      Thanks so much for reading love! <3 x

  2. This looks like a fab color, can't wait to see you wear it! New follower :)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  3. Awesome post! Faux was my first MAC lipstick purchase as well! It quickly became my every day colour and it is now almost gone. I will definitely have to repurchase it when I run out. It is such a great shade and formula.

    1. It's perfect for everyday hey, and the colour really is so pretty! And yes, the formula is amazing! This may sound weird but I had a nightmare last night where I'd just about finished it and then it started to 'fall out of' the bullet! I think 1. I really love that lipstick haha!, 2. I need to stop having coffee right before bed, it gives me the weirdest dreams! :')

  4. i hope i have the ability to rock this colour!

  5. It's so nice to hear about your first mac lipstick experience! My first one was Relentlessly red. (still love that colour) The satin finish is my fav. Al thought the mattes are so easy to wear ( no worry of bleeding and stuff).

    My collection has grown a lot in the last year... But they're just the best!
    I am still contemplating whether to get faux because I do already own brave and mehr. My all time favourite is D for danger. I prefer it over Diva. I would love to try blankety as well.

    Love your blog

  6. I had been thinking about getting on the MAC bandwagon too. I got my first MAC lipstick as a present. It is Faux 😊.


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