Brazilian Bikini Review

15 December 2015

Hey guys, today I've got a review of a great bikini* for you - and just in time for Summer!

Recently, Nadia from reached out to me asking if I'd like to pick out and try out one of the many lovely Liquido brazilian bikini's available on her site. This couldn't have been at a better time, with Summer coming up and all!

So a bit of a background on FitRebel and the Brazilian bikini style.

FitRebel is an online store with a great selection of fitness wear, swimwear and accessories which are both highly functional and super trendy. The pieces are totally unique, and I honestly haven't been able to find similar pieces in your everyday store at your local shopping centre - so you don't have to worry about everyone else wearing the same thing as you!

Now the bikini itself is in the brazilian style, influenced by Brazilian culture and trends. It's a flattering cut for many people and has slowly been edging its way into western swimwear and fashion.

As you can see, I've gone for a classic style or look with this bikini - however if you prefer colourful or more modern/fun swimwear then they certainly have those options too - I simply love my classics and neutrals, not to mention black always looks good!

This is simply a really cute, fashionable bikini. The top is padded in a halter-neck style, also tying up at the back. It's super comfy on, however my only issue is that because I'm extremely flat it does feel a little loose on the chest (due to the padding being there), however this problem is across the board for me and certainly not specific to this particular bikini. The pants fit perfectly, and with the Brazilian cut are totally flattering (and great for tanning in)! I also love the bead detail on the hips, it adds that extra something to an otherwise plain bikini.

The material is really nice quality, it's comfortable, and it's the perfect thickness for wearing to the beach or pool - ie. it's not super thick and weighing you down, nor is it super thin and flimsy making you worry it'll come off if the water moves against you in the wrong way - it's the perfect inbetween!

Overall, I really like and recommend the Liquido Brazilian bikinis and in particular, this gorgeous, classic black two piece. They're super affordable and a great option to add to your summer wardrobe so head on over to now and grab one before they're sold out!

xx Chontelle Louise


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