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13 January 2016

I have a problem. I tried to restrain myself as much as possible, and while I feel I did alright, I definitely spent more than I intended to.... Oops!

So today I've got a quick high-end beauty haul for you all!

I'll start with the main reason I was at the shops anyway, which was to pick up the Benefit 'You're So Party' Gift Set from Myer.

This set is such great value for money, and the fact that I picked it up on SALE ($55.30 down from $79) just added to the great value for what I was getting! It comes with a full sized Hoola Bronzer (let's be honest, this is why most people pick up this set!), a full sized They're Real Mascara, a mini POREfessional and a mini Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss!

I'm not going to say too much about this gift set as I've actually made a full video on my youtube channel unboxing and talking about the set and products.

And then as I was on my way out of the shopping centre, I decided to stop into Sephora and pick up two lovely products (and my very first Sephora purchases now that the store has opened in Melbourne, it was all so exciting)! The Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette (well that was a mouthfull!), and the Zoeva 227 Blending Brush.

I'm so so happy with these purchases! The Kat Von D palette ($65aud) is all matte and covers the warm, neutral and cool bases - basically, with this palette, you've got the basics to begin to create almost any look! The shadows themselves are so smooth and buttery and highly pigmented! You only need to use a very light hand for great colour payoff, so this is going to last me a long time I think!

The Zoeva 227 ($17aud) is the ultimate blending brush - I couldn't believe how easy it was to make my eyeshadow look smooth and flawless using this brush - I'm officially a fan of Zoeva and will be saving up to purchase a full set of brushes from the brand in the future!

So that's it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it - do you have any of these products? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. That's so cool Sephora there sells Zoeva, they don't carry them here in the U.S. Also, I've been wanting to try KVD's palettes for a while now! I think I'm going to purchase her face-contour palette first, then the eye one. They're both so lovely though!

    1. Yeah it's so good! But I guess there's always positives and negatives, Sephora is SO much cheaper in the US - here we pay at least 30% more than you guys so I'd totally give up the easy access to Zoeva if it meant more affordable makeup haha! Ooh I've heard so much about the face contour palette, I even had a look in store but I'd also just picked up the Hoola bronzer and regardless, I'm obsessed with eyeshadow palettes - it's a real problem! Thanks so much for reading <3

  2. That pore cream looks really nice!

    xoxo, ♥

  3. That Katherine Von d palette is the perfect everyday palette. We're neutral eye-shadow devotees so saying we're tempted by this would be an understatement!
    M x K

  4. Oooops I just used the contact form as a comment form, sorry! Anyway, ignore it lmao >_< I was just saying that these are cool, and I'd actually really like some new bronzer c:

    Little Moon Elephant


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