The perfect pair by Maybelline: Lash Sensational Mascara and Hyper Sharp Liner

16 September 2015

Okay. So a couple of days ago while I was out at uni, mum decided to pick up these fab new Maybelline products for me from Big W. They were on sale so she grabbed them on a whim, and I'm so glad she did! I had been wanting these ever since they came out - there's been so much hype about the amazing new pairing and I really wanted to try it out for myself!

I've always been a Maybelline mascara kinda girl, always alternating between the falsies/black drama mascaras (y'know, the ones in the dark purple tub? love them). I really didn't think they could improve on such a great, affordable mascara, but of course Maybelline's proven me wrong! The Lash Sensational Mascara is an amazing, thick liquid that really thickens and elongates your lashes. Honestly, it makes your lashes look like (very natural looking) falsies (if that makes sense, I don't know haha!) even more so than the alternative Falsies Mascara - which mind you, already did a great job! 
It helps that the applicator is designed really well, it's got a slight curve to it which helps the product glide on and spread your lashes simultaneously to really make them pop, which is also helped by the strong bristles that really get into the lashes and give them a proper coating!

I've actually only recently gotten into eyeliner, having always been too scared to use it, worked up the courage, come out looking like Taylor Momsen after a big night out (note: I actually love Taylor, but those raccoon eyes were definitely something else!) and decided it wasn't worth it, only to repeat the process several times. 
But I decided to give it another go, and I realised that it's not as hard as it looks - I've actually been using the wrong liners all along!
The Hyper Sharp Liner has a sharply pointed long felt (so not actually 'sharp' like it's gonna poke your eye out, haha) tip that glides on with ease and definitely makes for the best winged liner (or for a nice clean line for an everyday look!), something you could easily get right even as a beginner! The liquid is smooth and long lasting - so no need to worry about smudging throughout the day!

I can honestly say that I'm obsessed with these products!

Have you tried either of these products before? What do you think of them?

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. I love this mascara! Great review!

  2. I've been dying to get my hands on that mascara!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. I've got the mascara and i'm a big fan of it! The eyeliner sounds good too. Great post x

    1. The mascara is my new holy grail mascara! The eyeliner too haha! x

  4. Never tried these, but the packaging of the mascara looks so pretty! And I might pick up that eyeliner soon, since I need a new one. I always find that these eyeliner pens dry out so so quickly, but I might give this one a go!

    Love, Sarah

    1. Yeah it is lovely packaging, such a nice colour haha! Definitely try the eyeliner, I feel like I'm half-decent at applying eyeliner since I purchased this one, so easy! x

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