Brunch at Mr Mister | Windsor

2 September 2015

I've been wanting to try the new trend in cafe brunch food - 'baked eggs' - for a pretty long time now, but for some reason I'd never gotten around to it. Well, today was the day that all changed, and I honestly can't believe it took me this long to try this meal out!

Mr Mister is a lovely and well-loved cafe on Chapel Street in Windsor. After reading an array of great reviews on Zomato and their Facebook page, I was completely set on checking the place out for myself. I'd also already decided on exactly what I would be ordering the night before (I can be a bit OCD, but I don't see any issue with that!), and while I did have a browse over the menu in case any of the other equally attractive options stood out, I stuck by my original choice.

For my brunch food, I ordered the Baked Eggs with wild mushrooms, brie, and toasted hazelnuts. It also came with a side of toasted bread with oil.

Oh my goodness. Where has this been all my life!? I can honestly say that this is one of the best meals I've ever had! The combination of crispy melted brie, toasted hazelnuts and herbs on the top of the dish gave the most amazing first taste - and it only got better from there. Inside, the baked eggs had a fluffy, almost omelette-like quality and again, a strong but not overwhelming taste of brie and herbs. The wild mushrooms added a lovely touch to the dish. As a side, we received some simple toasted bread. It was fresh, perfectly toasted, and rather than butter there was a touch of oil on the bread - perfect.

I had also decided on trying the Matcha Latte. I absolutely love matcha, however I usually have it as a tea drink so I was really excited to find a cafe that offered it in latte-form. Honestly, it was amazing, and I'm pretty certain matcha lattes will soon replace chai lattes as the trendy new tea/coffee substitute! Not to mention, they have the bonus of being really good for you! It's a win win really! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take some snaps of the lattes with my camera, but I did take some pics for Instagram with my iPhone so I'll pop them in here for you to drool over!

I had a really great experience at Mr Mister cafe in Windsor, and it was the perfect outing to start the Spring season with. I'll definitely be heading back for another Matcha Latte and Baked Eggs, however I'll force myself to broaden my horizons and consider something else on the menu too (can't make any promises, though)!

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. This looks so yummy! I'm seriously so hungry after reading this <3


    1. Haha, it's making me hungry again just looking at it too! Thanks for reading <3 x

  2. These meals looks really appetizing! These pictures made me starving:)


    1. It was delicious! Definitely drool-worthy, thanks for reading! <3 x

  3. It all looks sooo good!! Now I'm hungry :( haha

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Aw, I know the feeling! Haha!
      Thanks for reading xx

  4. This food looks amazing!!

  5. This looks like my ideal meal!! Brie, eggs, bread, and a matcha latte... so many cravings right now!

    Meet Me in Midtown

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