15 Facts About Me

24 June 2021


I've probably already done at least two of these kind of posts on my blog in the past, but considering the 3 to 4 year hiatus I've taken, and how I've changed in that time, it's probably time for an updated version. So for those of you who are new to my blog, or who are seeing me pop up on their feed for the first time an a long while (hello again strangers, haha), here are fifteen fun facts about me!

1. I'm both feisty and outgoing, and super shy and awkward - and that's on being a Leo with crippling anxiety!

2. I'm a Leo sun, Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Rising. So you can just imagine the chaotic energy and internal conflict I've got going on!

3. I have three cats - technically two of my own, Jasmine who is 16 years old and Misty who is just over 9 months old - and Angel who is my mum's cat, Jasmine's daughter, and 12 years old. I honestly adore them, I'm a proud cat lady haha!

4. My favourite food is Italian and Japanese, always.

5. I love reading and writing, although sadly I haven't done much of either in a while. I've made a resolution to get back into it though, and I'm super excited about that!

6. I've been vegetarian over four years now - one of the best decisions I've made!

7. I would love to work for myself one day - possibly as a freelancer in writing/communications, owning my own business, who knows!

8. My favourite colours are pink, purple and black, and anything sparkly!

9. Seafood creeps me out - I'm vegetarian now anyway but I was always scared of most seafood, I've never had any crustaceans besides prawns (which had to be pre-peeled and I'd use napkins to pick it up and cover it's body in sauce to be able to eat it), and seeing a whole fish or octopus with the suction things still on disturbed me.

10. I love travelling and exploring new places - I've been to 10 countries so far (including Aus) and can't wait to explore more when we can travel again!

11. I was homeschooled for a year from year 6 to 7!

12. Some of my all-time favourite movies include Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, the Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Burlesque, Wild Child, and Mulan!

13. I'm about to start my final part-time semester of uni after a hiatus, so I'll have my degree by the end of the year!

14. I have 6 tattoos - a heart on one finger and a crescent moon on the other, the Leo symbol on my wrist, two hearts on either side of my collarbones, and a flame playboy bunny on the lower back of my arm.

15. I've always wanted to learn Tarot but been intimidated by it and stuck to oracle cards instead, but I've been slowly learning and can't wait to be able to do readings properly!

xx Chontelle

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