6 Places I Want to Visit After Covid-19

21 June 2021


If there's one thing I've really missed since the global pandemic hit, it's been getting to travel and explore new places. With Covid-19 essentially shutting down the world for the time being, it's left me daydreaming about the places I want to explore (or re-visit) once we're finally allowed to travel again. 

From overseas sightseeing holidays, to more local trips I may be able to experience sooner, while there's certainly plenty more I'd like to see, here are six of the places I want to visit post-Covid!

1. New Orleans

This one has been on my list for a long time, and was always slated to be part of my next USA holiday. There's just something about this city - the quirky and picturesque architecture, the vibrant nightlife, dark and interesting history, and the spooky, witchy and spiritual side to the city is incredibly intriguing to me. It's definitely not the easiest or cheapest place to visit coming from Australia, but it's an absolute must for me.

2. South Africa

I've always wanted to visit South Africa. I'm half South African and would love to see the places my mum grew up and lived in, meet some of my family, and explore all of the stunning natural wonders the country has to offer. 

3. Los Angeles

So I've actually already been here with mum back in 2012 (how is that nearly a decade ago now?!?!), and I really enjoyed it. We went over Christmas and honestly nobody does Christmas better and more extravagantly than Americans so I'd definitely recommend visiting during that time. However, I'd really love to visit maybe late summer or in the fall, when it's a little warmer and has a proper Cali vibe to it. There's so many things to do that we just didn't get the chance to, and travel agents warned us off visiting places that were 'dodgy' like Downtown LA or Venice Beach, that I actually would've loved to experience. There's also quirky walls and beautiful scenery to get those insta pics, and it's super vegetarian/vegan friendly, plus I'll be 25 (aka old enough to rent a car so we can drive to all these great spots) so I'm really excited for a second visit. Of course, going back Disneyland is a massive bonus too!

4. Sydney or Melbourne

Again, two places I've been to before (having lived in Melbourne for a year even), but I'd really love to go back to either of these two. They're Brisbane's big sisters and definitely have a lot more to see and do than I've been able to, and would be a more affordable holiday I could probably take pretty soon considering interstate travel is generally allowed at the moment (although I may wait a bit longer due to restrictions/border closures being pretty unpredictable for the moment).

5. Phuket

I was actually wanting to make this one of my next trips before Covid struck, it's a little closer to home for a cheaper international holiday and I've never visited anywhere in Asia before (strange for an Australian traveller, right?) so I thought it would be a really cool first trip over there. The beaches/water and sea-mountains (is that even what they're called? you know the ones I'm talking about) and caves to swim in just look stunning. I would've loved to have done a Contiki tour there as I've only ever travelled with family, and I'm hoping those tours will be back when it's finally time!

6. Tokyo

Honestly, I think Tokyo would be the coolest place to visit. First of all, I love the food, so I'd be eating very well. I also find the culture super interesting, they're so advanced in many ways and it's a bustling city that I'm sure I'd have no trouble finding great things to do and see in. I'd definitely want to visit during their Spring and see the Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom, visit some traditional Japanese gardens, learn more about the culture, and of course, take a trip to Tokyo Disneyland!

Where are you looking forward to visiting once we're allowed to travel again?

xx Chontelle

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