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14 July 2016

Took a quick OOTD outside the markets - watch my vlog below for outfit details!

Literally perfection, the Potato Slinky. Heaven for a potato-anything lover like myself.

Gaytime Cronut - the outside pastry and topping was delicious, but unfortunately the inside was mostly gooey dough :( 

Over the weekend mum and I finally had the chance to check out Brisbane's popular Eat Street Markets. I'd been wanting to go for a pretty long time now, because well, I love food, and food markets, and food!

It was a pretty fun evening out and there was so much nice food to choose from. Of course I couldn't try it all, but I'm already planning to head back in the future to try some more!

I filmed some snippets from the night and put together a vlog for your to check out, so be sure to watch it if you'd like to see more about the markets!

x Chontelle


  1. Lovely pictures, one day I should visit this place!

    xx, Edna
    Blog - Mercury Rose

  2. Great photos! All of the food looks amazinggggg!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

  3. I keep seeing that Eat sign! I want one in my house- though it'd have to be a bigger house, come to think of it! Do the markets run all year?

    xx Jenelle

  4. Oh this market looks so fun. The "eat" sign is cute too.

    xoxo, ♥


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