Smart but Casual Black & White

11 October 2015

My Outfit:
Waterfall Jacket - Ally Fashion
Striped Layered Crop - Ally Fashion
High Waist Shorts - Sophie Charlotte Italy
Ankle Boots - Spend Less Shoes

* Okay, just a disclaimer, please excuse the horrid background, I wanted to take photos against the house because the wall is white and relatively okay looking but there was stuff all against it and the sun was too bright and so this orangey looking old fence had to do! :'( *

I always used to struggle with the whole 'smart casual' thing. I mean, what am I supposed to wear? Smart and casual have always been two totally different things if I'm not mistaken!?!?!

But, after playing around with my wardrobe, both old and new pieces, I managed to put together this simple look that doesn't look super 'officey' and OTT, but also doesn't leave you looking under-dressed!

When in doubt, keep it neutral - that's my motto, anyway. Black and white are always winners, as well as greys, denim, and sometimes cream/beige colours.

I think a black waterfall style jacket is an essential wardrobe item, it really can make any outfit look that little bit more 'organised' and put-together, yet it still looks totally effortless and casual!

And if the weather is a little on the cooler side wherever you are, switch the shorts for pair oh high-waist black (or white!) skinny's and you're good to go!

Hope you liked this outfit post!

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. Beautiful look. I love the top.

    1. Thanks lovely! It is a nice top, super simple & still stylish! x

  2. You look lovely!!


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