Conservatory at Crown

29 August 2015

Let me just start this post with one simple word that pretty much describes my experience at Crown's Conservatory Buffet...

Just, wow.

There is such a huge, successful reputation behind Crown and everything in it - including the Conservatory. They aim to deliver a great dining experience, from the food quality and variety, to the decor and atmosphere - and they do so effortlessly.

Choosing to come by public transport, it was an easy 5-10 minute walk over the Yarra River via Sandridge Bridge from Flinders Street Station. Though it was a wee bit wet, it was hard not to appreciate the beauty of Melbourne as I made my way over to Crown. So points for location.

Crown itself was also in a beautiful location, overlooking the Yarra. The Swanky Casino is somewhat overwhelming, but ultimately its allure draws you in. Inside, it looks like something out of a magazine or a movie. Personally, I'm not used to visiting places as lovely as Crown so I may sound pointlessly starry-eyed, but this was something special to me! The casino reminded me - rightfully so - of the many casino's I ventured into back in 2012 when I was on holiday in Las Vegas. I will admit that it still had nothing on Vegas casino's, but we're not in Vegas - we're in Melbourne. And with that in mind, it was amazing.

After a bit of a stroll around inside the casino, we made our way up to The Conservatory for our lunch time booking. We were still a bit early and the staff were setting up for the lunch sitting. I peered into the Conservatory full of excitement at what lay ahead (well and truly prepared and comfortable in my stretchy jeggings, FYI). At last, we were seated.

Now the real fun began! Once comfortably seated with our bags finally off of our shoulders and no need to worry about waiting for a good seat, we were ready to tackle the buffet. Making our way to the many food stations, we were spoilt for choice. There was a great selection of fresh seafood, sushi, salads, breads and cheeses, an Asian station, Indian station, and a carving station with the most delicious medium-rare beef I have ever tasted. Oh, and my all-time favourite food - a creamy, delicious potato bake!

Yes, I was in love.

If you're not frothing at the mouth at the sight of these pictures yet, you will be soon!

After consuming as much savoury lunch food as we could possibly manage, along with a glass of complimentary red wine, we were ready to approach the dessert station. Now, I'd 110% describe myself as a savoury kinda gal - however - .though I may not be physically capable of consuming too much sweet food, I certainly like to try.

This station had such an amazing variety of gorgeously presented and incredibly tasty desserts! There were all sorts of cakes, slices and puddings - all in single serving sizes and so pretty you almost didn't want to eat them! There were the cutest little mini macaroons, a selection of fresh fruits, multiple flavours of deliciously creamy ice-cream, and the highlight of the station - the chocolate fountains. Yes please.

To die for, really.

Honestly, I was sad when it was time to leave. We literally were seated right away when the Conservatory opened for lunch, and before we knew it, it was almost 2pm and they were letting guests know they were closing soon. We jumped up (slowly, very very slowly) and were on our way home, beyond satisfied with the food, atmosphere and experience we'd just had.

And yes, we will be back. After all, it's mum's birthday in a few weeks time! :P

What do you think of the Crown Conservatory? Love it? Hate it? Never been? Dying to visit? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. I can understand why you were in love, looks wonderful


    1. It really, truly was! Looking forward to going back soon! Thanks for reading lovely <3 x

  2. Oh wow, the food looks AMAZING. I got so hungry by just looking at it <3
    And what is that chocolate fountain scale thingy!!!!! Never seen a fountain like that! I would've spent half the time in front of the thing! Hahaha

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. It was! Oh I know, I think I gained a good 10 kilos just looking at photos in anticipation before I even went there! :')
      It's a flowing chocolate fountain with two flavours on each side, there were two of them. The first had dark and milk chocolate (with fresh fruits, marshmallows and brownies next to it ready for dipping!!!) and the second had milk and white chocolate. I have heard that if you go for breakfast one of the milk chocolate fountains is replaced with chocolate orange / jaffa flavour, and at dinner time they change it to caramel! Definitely need to look into that!
      Oh and don't worry, I did exactly that, I stood there in awe for so long haha!
      Thanks so much for reading lovely xx

  3. Wow! It really does look immaculate. You've captured the place perfectly :) I'm also loving the sound of the carving section as I love meat haha Xx


    1. It really was! Yes yes yes - the carving section is so great, the meat was on par with what I've received in the past from actual restaurants where carved meat is their specialty, so that's saying something!
      Thanks so much for reading lovely! x


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