Puckle Street Precinct, Moonee Ponds

5 July 2015

Looking West down Puckle Street, through the station crossing.

Moonee Ponds Station.

Looking East down Puckle Street.

The other day, mum and I decided to go somewhere new for lunch. Being new to Melbourne, we've been doing a bit of exploring of different suburbs/areas and somewhere we'd been planning on checking out for a while was Moonee Ponds. 

Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds is the suburbs 'high street' and home to the Puckle Street Precinct. The Precinct occupies the first couple of blocks both north and south of Puckle Street, and includes a small essentials shopping centre (Moonee Ponds Central), along with standalone Supermarkets and an array of cafe's, restaurants, clothing stores and businesses. 

After a stroll down Puckle Street, we decided to step in to Lil Kitch for some lunch and coffee. 

Exterior of Lil Kitch Cafe.

Lil Kitch is located at the end of Puckle Street nearest to Moonee Ponds Station. The cafe is warm and comfy, it feels a little bit fancy (in design) but still nice and casual. The food is reasonably priced for the most part, and the quality and taste of the food is just lovely. Mum had the Omelette on Toast (which was freakin' massive!) while I had a Turkey Foccacia. 

I'm not much of an omelette person, I find the taste kind of sickening so I'm going on my mum's review of the meal, which she says way really nice. She loved the variety of toppings with the melted cheese, mushrooms (her favourite), tomato and spinach leaves. 

My Turkey Foccacia was really nice. The bread was lovely and fresh, there was a whole lotta shredded lettuce (which I think made the sandwich's presentation rise a few levels), just the right amount of melted cheese, 'smashed' avocado, and a deliciously sweet cranberry sauce. 

As I mentioned, we also ordered coffee with our meals however I've chosen not to include those in this post due to the fact that I've had better coffee in a pie shop/garage up in Queensland than the coffee we were served here (and given that Melbourne is known for it's coffee, it should of been average at the least. It wasn't).

Lunch at Lil Kitch.

Omelette on Toast.

Turkey Foccacia.

So all in all, Lil Kitch is a great place to grab a nice meal, but perhaps leave the coffee until later. Which brings me to the next place we stopped in at.

After a bit more of a stroll around the Precinct, supermarkets, Kmart etc, we made our way down south of Puckle Street to The Daily Grind. 

Interior of The Daily Grind.

The best coffee in Moonee Ponds (I think so, anyway!) 

Feeling like we still hadn't truly had our coffee fix, we decided to sit down, relax, and have another drink at The Daily Grind. This cafe is about a 3 minute walk south of Puckle Street itself, and just opposite the massive Woolies. They have a great selection of light foods and snacks, including sandwiches, cakes, wraps, croissants, and the most delicious *insert heart-eyed emoji here* cupcakes I've ever seen! 

Then there's the coffee - oh, am I glad we stopped in here! This coffee fully lived up to the 'Melbourne Coffee Standard', meaning it was really really good and I will definitely be returning for more at some point. I'd definitely recommend The Daily Grind if you're ever in the area, it's got lovely, reasonably priced coffee and food, as well as a really comfy and cosy atmosphere - especially great on a dreary winter's day.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you did, be sure to let me know! Have you been to Moonee Ponds, or any of the places mentioned in this post? 

Thanks so much for reading lovelies!

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. the food looks amazing !!!!


  2. The food looks very delicious. Lil Kitch seems to be a nice and comfy place :)


  3. What a beautiful place! And that omelette looks just SO GOOD!
    It seems like you had a great time :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. It all looks so lovely! I did, thankyou for reading <3 x

  4. Your lunch looks delicious! You should have invited me :)

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

    1. It was really nice! If only France wasn't so far away! <3 xx

  5. Love your cardigan<3 and you look so amazing, thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



    1. Hey lovely <3 Thanks so much, it's so comfy and fluffy and soft, haha! Thanks for reading x
      Totally, I'll head over to your blog now, thanks for visiting mine <3


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