90's Vibes

11 March 2018

It's been a long time since I last posted an outfit on the blog, hasn't it? I've really been all over the place lately (which you may know if you've seen my Life Update video over on my YouTube channel *hint hint*). From a huge pipe burst/flooding in my old place, moving house, packing & unpacking, going back to uni, a lack of motivation, and some personal stuff too - it's been overwhelming to say the least.

However, there's good news! Things have settled down and while I've got quite a busy schedule ahead of me, it's more organised than 'all over the place', which means I can set aside time to work on these side projects. Those of you who have been around for a while might have noticed my blog has had a bit of an overhaul - I purchased a new, more sleek & professional looking blog template that I'm absolutely loving, along with a few other updates. I hit 1,000 subscribers over on my YouTube channel back in December as well which was a milestone I'd been hoping to reach for a while! I'm planning to upload 1-2 times a week over there and 1-2 time a fortnight here on the blog - so make sure you're subscribed and following me because there's a lot of content coming your way!

Anyway, on to the outfit!

Outfit Details:
Scrunchie - Supre
Choker - Bardot
Off Shoulder Crop - Melrose Avenue
Mom Jeans - ASOS (farleigh)
Boots - Famous Footwear

Let's be honest, was I really going to make a comeback outfit post that wasn't black and denim? No, no I was not. I love this outfit, it's super cute yet simple and casual which is what I'm all about. I really love that trends from the 90's (and 80's and 70's) are in again which is evident in this outfit. An off the shoulder crop, a tie up choker, scrunchies (!!! my childhood obsession !!!) and a pair of light wash mom jeans from ASOS (seriously, these are the best mom jeans I've found), albeit a slim fitting pair because I just find them much more flattering. Keeping with the 90's vibes I've gone for one of my newer favourite lipsticks, MAC's Whirl, which is the ultimate 90's rosy brown lipstick that despite my initial reservations, actually looks amazing on paler skin.

Let me know what you've been up to lately, and if you're loving the popularity of 90's inspired fashion right now as much as I am!

x Chontelle


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  2. Wow, you had been really busy!
    Your black Melrose Avenue off shoulder crop top looks great styled with the high-waisted Asos blue denim mom jeans.
    Yes, I do love the 90's style outfits.
    P.S.: I love your YouTube Outfits of the Week and Lookbook videos

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