Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 'Patina' | Review

9 September 2016

I've had the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick's on my beauty wishlist for several months now, but I'd been holding off on actually purchasing any because I was hoping for the extremely popular Baci or Caramello. However, a couple of weeks ago I had a bit of spare money to spend and decided 'why not?', picking up my third choice from Mecca on a whim - Patina!

Honestly, the main reason this wasn't in my top two was only because I was worried it would pull too dark on me, like most lipsticks do. However, it didn't and I'm honestly so glad now that I've bought it! Patina is a gorgeous, deep and dusty pink with mauve undertones on me. It leans neutral to cool, which is perfect for my cooler skin tone and pink undertones. However, I really feel like this colour would suit most skin tones, pulling differently to compliment everyone - I have a friend with completely different colouring than me who looks just as good with Patina on, albeit pretty different!

I love the long wear on this lipstick too, it lasts for hours (though I wouldn't necessarily say it 'stays all day')! I wore it to the hairdressers recently, where I had two coffees (cappuccino's with all that foam and chocolate powder so I had to wipe my mouth a bit too) and a biscuit, as well as some water. It stayed on almost perfectly through all of that, which I was amazed (and very pleased) with! It only came off later in the evening when mum and I had an early dinner of steak and chips and Hog's Breath, which was understandable because of the oil and the messy nature of the meal! Still, it lasted a good 6 or so hours and probably could have done longer without that meal!

The applicator is also a plus, it picks up a good amount of product and glides effortlessly across the lips. It's just pointed enough that it is easy to fix up the edges of the lips for a smooth line. Honestly, I am so happy with this product and after trying so many awful liquid lipsticks, I'm glad to have found one that I'm more than happy to use - at last!

Have you tried any of the Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment down below, I'd love to hear your opinion!

x Chontelle


  1. I've heard such great things about these and this colour is beautiful! Great review x

    1. I was so happy with it, still am haha! Thanks lovely, glad you liked it! x


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