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Air BnB: Live Like a Local

14 January 2015

'Air BnB' (aka. Air Bed & Breakfast) is a website that connects travellers with people in places all over the world who are renting out their spare rooms or even their entire homes to guests.

The website has become increasingly popular with travellers looking for accommodation below the usual hotel prices or simply looking for a different type of experience during their holiday. Using Air BnB can provide you with an opportunity to experience your chosen city the way the locals do - as opposed to all the other tourists - giving you a unique travel experience that you won't forget.

The View from our Air BnB room in central Edinburgh, Scotland.

I had originally planned for the trip to take us through London, Paris, Venice, Pisa and Rome. A pretty typical itinerary for a first European holiday, knocking all of the major cities off the bucket list. However, after extensive research and planning for my holiday throughout the UK and Europe, I decided that it would be worthwhile to fit another country in - after all, the flights had already been purchased and we were going to be on the opposite side of the world, so why not make the most of it?

After looking at my options, I finally decided on visiting Edinburgh, Scotland. With only a couple of days and not much money at all to spare, my accommodation options were more than limited. Not to mention, most of the cheaper accommodation had been booked up at this point in time.

Outside of our Air BnB.

So I decided to have a look at Air BnB. I had heard some good things about the website and figured it was worth a try - after all, for such a short stay, it was worth the risk. I browsed through the available rooms and came across a lovely little room on Calton Hill. It was in a heritage listen building (along with pretty much all of the small street), and was warm and cosy with a lovely view. The place was clean and inviting, and our host was welcoming, letting us know about some good local pubs but otherwise keeping to herself. Oh, and it was only $97p.n for the two of us! For the central location, spacious room, use of the kitchen, and booking at short notice, it was a complete bargain!

As you can see, we got a lot more than a hotel/motel would generally provide at $97p.n. However, we honestly didn't spend too much time in our Air BnB place anyway - and why would we, when we were only minutes away from all of the shops and cafes and pubs that Princes St and the surrounding area has to offer!

Just around the corner from our Air BnB and we're in the centre of Edinburgh!

Choosing to try Air BnB in the hopes of saving some spending money and having a different experience for our stay in Edinburgh turned out to be the perfect decision for us, and I'm looking forward to using Air BnB on my next trip abroad. My advice to anyone who is interested in giving Air BnB a go is to make sure you do your research - read the reviews from previous guests (aim for the BnB's with 25+ good to great reviews), and remember that this is not a hotel service but more like staying with a friend or family.

Having said that, I would definitely recommend Air BnB to anyone travelling on a budget or looking for a less tourist-y experience. You can begin your search for the perfect place to stay on your next holiday here.

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