The Brisbane Hardcore Band You NEED to Check Out!

12 November 2021


Meet Hang em’ High – a five piece Australian alternative rock and metalcore band from Brisbane.  

If you frequent local gigs and bars in the Valley, or listen to Triple J, chances are you’ve already heard some of their music – if not, it’s time you did! 

Formed in 2020, Hang em’ High have already released two singles and an EP (check them out on Spotify) with more to come, and have performed at multiple venues across Brisbane, as well as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. 

If you’re a fan of bands like Parkway Drive, Stick to Your Guns, and I Killed the Prom Queen, you’re going to love this band. 

In 2022 – now that restrictions are lifting and travel is back – Hang em’ High are taking themselves across the border for their very first national tour along the east coast. 

Starting in their hometown of Brisbane, they’ll be performing their latest songs for fans in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne. 

Tour dates will be announced shortly, and tickets will be on sale for just $15 from next month.


You can follow Hang em’ High on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news, music and tour announcements. 

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