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5 April 2016

I finally got it. The highlighter that every blogger/youtuber/beauty enthusiast raves about is finally mine.

I've watched as Mary-Lou took over the beauty blog-o-sphere and became every second makeup lover's holy grail highlighter. I'll be honest, I didn't really understand the hype around this product - or highlighters in general - at first. The most I'd ever done was highlight with a slightly lighter concealer, which came out alright actually. But then David Jones decided to have a 30% off all TheBalm products sale, and I conveniently looked at the right time and managed to snap up my very first highlighter for only $20.96 (a much better price given I wasn't really sure what to excpect or if I'd even like it)!

The packaging itself is almost enough to buy the product, it's just so cute and retro and different! That's what had always attracted me to TheBalm shelves, just being able to look at all of the packaging (lame, I know, but it's true)! The pan is a decent, full size compact and has a mirror on the inside - which is always good. The only negative to the packaging (or maybe the product, or a combination of both?) would be that it seems to break super easily. Luckily, I haven't had that misfortune yet, nor do I plan to (touch wood)!

The product itself is just gorgeous, it's a super pigmented and smooth powder highlighter in this beautiful sort of muted golden/champagne colour with a bit of shimmer. And it looks gorgeous on, even though I'm quite pale I think it's super complimentary of my skin tone and colour. I've also seen girls with medium, tan, olive, Asian and African colouring pull off this highlighter so well, so I think it's a totally universal shade!

I'm honestly in love with Mary-Lou and cannot believe I didn't purchase it earlier! This one is definitely going to be a staple in my everyday makeup routing from now on!

Have you tried the Mary-Lou Manizer? Do you love it or hate it (or just meh)? Let me know in a comment down below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

xx Chontelle


  1. I think most of us are guilty of loving a product because of the packaging haha! I am not a huge fan of highlighters but this one is super pretty! xx

    Jasmine /

    1. Agreed! I have oily skin so I never really bothered getting one but I've always wanted to see what all the hype's about - I can totally see it now, however I'm not sure I'm a 'fan' of highlighters, I can certainly appreciate and enjoy them though :) Thanks for commenting x


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