First Photo Shoot as a Melburnian

17 March 2015

First of all, some of you may already have seen this post - I apologise for the repost but I went full-retard and deleted it! One click, and it's gone! Ugh, just my luck.

Anyway. This will be a shorter version of the original post, which went on longer than necessary in the first place due to my rambling away about complete nonsense and going totally off-track.

My first photo shoot as an official resident was a boho-themed shoot on the 28th of February with photographer Henry Louey. We had met the day before to go over everything in preparation for the shoot, fitting, and a quick test shoot (as seen below).

The day of the shoot, I was extremely nervous. I didn't have much confidence in myself, and was totally prepared to make a complete and utter fool of myself (in typical Chontelle fashion)! I arrived in the evening, right on time. The MUA ended up missing the turn-off and therefore was around half an hour late - note to self, don't drive in the city! We got started, went through the process of wardrobe, hair and makeup, and then it was time to shoot.

Despite my nerves, the shoot went surprisingly well, and I really enjoyed it! Henry's advice and direction was really helpful for me as a model, and in the days following this shoot I was able to draw from this experience to assist in my posing and the overall quality of the result!

If you'd like to see more modelling-related posts, let me know! 

xx Chontelle Louise


  1. These are gorgeous photos!! You are so beautiful!


  2. Amazing! You are so beautiful! <3

  3. Oh wow no wonder you're a model, you're so pretty :) I love how personal this post is to, its great you shared your nerves :) xx

    1. Aw thanks so much gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed it! xx


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